Alternative Energy Tribute

Want to learn about many of the experiments and contraptions that have been built over the years? Including plans so you can build and experiment yourself?

Go to Google and type in PJK BOOK

Patrick Kelly put this together and he is always updating it. that's why I suggest you go type it in to get his latest updates.

Here is one of his videos where he started having success. I believe this is a recomposition

where's mylow?

This is my tribute page to a You Tuber called Mylow

Here is one of his originals

A short time ago, In a country not far far away, Lived your average everyday American Citizen. A Truck driver from Chicago who only wanted to provide for his family and lower his cost of living. Just like most of your average everyday American citizens' want to do! He went by the name MYLOW, On you tube. Then something happened one day that scared him almost to death, So much so, That he had trouble sleeping at night. The event caused him to delete his You Tube Account. Some of you already know what happened. Most of the world does not. I am creating this site in tribute to Mylow and as a piece of journalism for a public record.

Mylow spent many many months on his project just like many others who are interested in this subject, we watched him through his failure and success. Then on that one fateful day,  "THE MAN" showed up and caused all the anxiety noted above.

Go now to You Tube and type in mylow and see all the videos still out there. Mostly by people trying to dis-credit his achievement. But if you are a healthy human being with all your senses intact. you will note his sarcasm from fact.

It is my personal belief that these devices already exist and are being used in power plants around the country, maybe the world,but I have no proof. And then of course it would be a matter of utmost importance for "THE MAN" to show up at any person's house to try and stop any success in this area because it could potentially destroy the economy, at least for the Power Industry. But if you are no fool and have not had your head buried in the sand, You know what is going on in the good ol U.S.of A. And many parts of the world for that matter, and that is what is a bit mystifying. If the ultimate plan is to Destroy America, Then why not help and even support all these inventors who are developing these things? So if it is as they say it is, that these technologies will bring down the economy, then why not let them have at it? Go full force and let them create all these devices and bring them to market and it should hurry the collapse, Right? After all, most of our presidents have already been at work doing just that, But I myself, personally, was unaware of the Progressive plan until our latest President really turned up the volume to do just that. Destroy our economy and usher in their "one world Government". Well enough of that, Thats a whole other topic......  Lets get back to Mylow.

Where is Mylow? I watched it from the beginning and it all looked real and sincere, Try to find the truth now!

I was once told by my Step Grandmother, Believe the first of the reports you hear (she was speaking of news reports) Because the rest of them, (news reports), are obfuscations. But I think this bit of wisdom applies to a good many stories.

I do believe Mylow had the real thing, because I watched the very first videos that he uploaded. The only regret I have is that I did not download all his videos before they got corrupted. If your still in the dark about what many people are talking about and didn't search Mylow on you tube, Then I will tell you, the quick description is Free Energy. Now don't run away yet, because actual FREE ENERGY is a misnomer, Its impossible. Read the words of Tom Bearden, M.S. Nuclear Engineer. And I quote.

"We'll really have a true science, when,  (electromechanics), is accepted in science, and a true technology, when all the phenomenology is thoroughly worked out, and thoroughly  understood. When all the models are re-done so that we adequately can model this theoretically and we can do engineering, we can sit down and design the circuits, they'll work every time, we'll have components on the shelf we can buy, assemble, and they'll work.
We are not at that stage today. We are at a stage today which is the birth of the baby, We're not at the stage where its' already a teenager running around playing, playing baseball on the baseball lot, Were at the birth of the baby, and the birth is very difficult because its opposed by so many interests, the orthodox scientific community still, {pause} very adamantly oppose it because they think, that its nonsense, they think that it’s this old idea of perpetual motion in a closed system creating energy from nothing, and that is nonsense, you can’t do that.

 Ahh, there are very strong and very powerful economic interests in the world, probably the strongest economic interests in the world, Which are adamantly opposed to it, can you see what this does to the oil rich nations? Can you see eventually, can you see what this will do to many things? Now actually what it will do if you'll phase the oil, petrochemical industry won’t go away, you still need the oil for the materials that’s in it, and the chemicals, and so it will be more and more petrochemical industry rather than keep burning and wasting the oil and putting all the pollutants in the biosphere, so, many things will re-adjust. It's going to wrest control from a lot of the great wealthy control barons who now dominate the ...... the largely the economic world, their world is going to change.

Now what you’re going to see,...I would predict, Ahhh, and we'll see if history bears this out, when those barons really realize that this stuff is for real, and it can be made to work, and with the internet, and the free publishing, and the computers and everything, they can no longer contain the information, and it's very embarrassing to keep killing the inventors, they stopped doing that about fifteen years ago. Ahhh, at some point you’re going to see an overwhelming availability of funds become available. When the funds become available, the scientists will change over into it because they go where the money goes, there bought and paid for, simple as that, you can't do research unless you've got the funds, When you cut off the research grants the professor gets without a job, he leaves the university, and so science is simply bought and paid for in this country and much of the world. When the money goes the science will go to it. Now that will put the sharp young graduate student on it finally with some funds to do the experiments and work on their doctorates and so forth, you will have a very rapid assimilation and advancement of a totally new and extended electromagnetic science at the time."

So Mylow, may I suggest that you Keep on experimenting until you succeed for your family and be an example to your friends and relatives. According to Tom, they are not killing people any more for this so you can at least sleep at night. Just don't post any more videos on this subject because I am sure they can still make your life miserable. These chains on freedom must be removed!